A worm in the Apple?

Dec 27, 2006
A published report claims that Apple Computer falsified documents in connection with the granting of stock options — which could bring the case into the criminal realm. Janet babin reports.
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Looking for some Freeh advice

Dec 26, 2006
DaimlerChrysler is struggling to explain conduct that used to be legal in Germany but has long been illegal under U.S. law — paying bribes. The company hopes the former head of the FBI can help. Kyle James reports.
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Sony BMG settles anti-piracy suits

Dec 22, 2006
Last year Sony BMG admitted to loading its CDs with spyware that infected users' computers. This year it announced it will pay $4.25 million to settle lawsuits with 39 states.
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Motorists sue over gas temperature

Dec 15, 2006
When you heat a liquid, it expands. No big surprise there. But when that liquid is gasoline, billions ride on this simple scientific truth. $2 billion, to be exact. Dan Grech explains how warm gas has led to some hot consumers.
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BP accused of price fixing . . . again

Dec 14, 2006
British oil giant BP says it could face charges of price fixing futures in the unleaded gasoline market. Stephan Beard reports.
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Swift's meat-plant employees questioned

Dec 12, 2006
U.S. immigration officials raided six meatpacking plants owned by Swift & Co. today — surprising since Swift is in a voluntary pilot program aimed at rooting out undocumented workers. Dan Grech reports.
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A lump of coal for LCD makers

Dec 12, 2006
Officials in Japan today said they're investigating Samsung and Philips, the two biggest LCD companies, for possible price-fixing. Anna Fifield is covering the story for the Financial Times.
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'Tis the season for scams

Dec 11, 2006
Whether you're feeling generous or just looking for a last-minute tax write-off this holiday season, keep in mind that there are plenty of fraudsters hoping to cash in on your charity. Alex Cohen reports.
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HP settles corporate spying case

Dec 8, 2006
Hewlett-Packard yesterday agreed to pay $14.5 million to settle a lawsuit brought against it as a result of its recent pretexting scandal. Does the punishment fit the crime? Lisa Napoli reports.
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Courts set rules on electronic documents

Dec 1, 2006
New rules about the archiving and retrieval of e-mails and other electronic correspondence went into effect in federal courts today. Lisa Napoli reports.
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