U.K. cop sting could bust you for bling

Jun 2, 2009
Police in one British town are hoping to nab criminals by asking residents to report their suspiciously glamorous neighbors with a controversial message: "Too Much Bling, Give Us A Ring." Christopher Werth reports.
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Swede 'pirates' fight for Web freedom

Jun 1, 2009
Pirates are invading the European Union, the digital kind. The Pirate Party, which aims to abolish copyrights altogether, is picking up serious traction with Swedish youth. Brett Neely reports.
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U.S. lags in protecting vital cyber info

May 29, 2009
President Obama announces a new government plan today to identify cyber threats and protect vital information from hackers, like military secrets and operating the U.S. electricity grid. John Dimsdale reports explores why we're particularly vulnerable.
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Hotel won't resort to lower prices

May 27, 2009
The management at the Four Seasons Aviara in San Diego is in a dispute with the resort's owners over improving business. Owners don't want to lower prices at the risk of diluting the brand. Joel Rose reports.
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A new judge of the marketplace?

May 26, 2009
What could Sonia Sotomayor's Supreme Court nomination mean to businesses, labor and investors? Bill Radke talks to law professor Donald Langevoort.
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New law forces some pools to pull plug

May 22, 2009
The Memorial Day weekend is when many public swimming pools open up for the unofficial start of summer. But several pools may remain closed for part of the season due to a new law. Lisa Napoli reports.
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More to piracy than 'maritime mugging'

May 21, 2009
Professor Peter Leeson talks with Kai Ryssdal about high-seas piracy, and what we can learn about Somali pirates from their 18th century forebearers.
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Wage theft victims fight for rights

May 18, 2009
In a recession, some employers may try to shortchange their workers. But wage theft victims are fighting back. Dan Grech reports.
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American Apparel suit means cheap ads

May 18, 2009
American Apparel has agreed to pay Woody Allen $5 million to settle a lawsuit. The filmmaker sued the retailer for suing his image without permission. Sally Herships reports on whether this is hurting or helping the company's business.
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Web pirates may lose Internet in France

May 13, 2009
The French Senate is expected to pass a law cracking down on Internet piracy. It could result in the loss of an Internet connection for up to a year. Stephen Beard reports.
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