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JPMorgan Chase slows debt collection

Jan 13, 2012
The American Banker says that JPMorgan Chase appears to be backing off efforts to collect unpaid credit card debt from its customers. They're not forgiving the debt, but they've quietly stopped going after it.
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Taking the Card Case out for a spin

Dec 16, 2011
Tess takes her newly downloaded Card Case app for a spin into the real world.
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This week: The Postal Service, the CFPB (non) confirmation

Dec 9, 2011
We talk to one of our Washington reporters about what happened in the news this week.
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To close or not to close

Dec 8, 2011
I recently "moved my money" and I'd like to get rid of my old credit cards linked to the old bank accounts. Assuming there are no fees for keeping the old cards, should I save one and not use it, or occasionally use it in case it needs to remain active? Or can I simplify my life, cut loose the dormant accounts and just move on to my new cards? Any advice appreciated. Charlie, San Francisco, CA
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CFPB rewrites credit card fine print

Dec 7, 2011
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau wants customers to understand their credit cards better. So, they've unveiled a new and shorter prototype of a credit card agreement.
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How's my ratio?

Dec 5, 2011
I understand that your credit score is affected by the percentage of your available credit that you use. However, does this reflect the total percentage of the total available, or is it specific to each line of credit? Gabriel, Somerville, MA
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Can you handle a credit card?

Nov 17, 2011
They look like innocent pieces of plastic, but high interest rates and fees can ravage your wallet and your credit score. We talk to a financial expert about how to deal with credit cards responsibly.
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Secured credit cards

Oct 24, 2011
Question: Hello, I was just listening to your program here in sunny San Diego, Saturday around noon (Oct 22). You were interviewing a recent...
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Credit card holders pay on time

Oct 14, 2011
Right now, just 3.5 percent of credit card holders are a month or more behind on payments. Has the recession caused a permanent change in habits?
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Piggy Bank Award: Three cheers for being debt free!

Sep 23, 2011
This week's little blue piggy goes to a listener who just made the final payment on $21,480 worth of credit card debt with the help of his family.
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