Drought in China threatens global wheat supply

Feb 9, 2011
China is the world's largest producer and consumer of grain. But after severe winter droughts in the northern breadbasket region, the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization warns of a global wheat shortage that will drive up the cost of foods like noodles and cereal. Rob Schmitz has more.
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China raises interest rates to nip inflation

Feb 8, 2011
China raised interest rates for the second time in six weeks, highlighting inflation fears that are worrying many developing economies.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: Unrest in Jordan, Finding "Radio Shangi-La," McDonald's works the recession

Feb 8, 2011
Marketplace's Alisa Roth is in the Middle East covering the political unrest in Egypt and the surrounding countries. Roth spoke with Jeremy Hobson...
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Groupon's Super Bowl ad could backfire in China

Feb 8, 2011
Online coupon site Groupon has been criticized for its commercial that made light of the political controversy between China and Tibet, and drew criticism from Super Bowl viewers -- in the U.S., and now in China. Rob Schmitz reports on how this ad could hurt Groupon's chances of expanding to the world's biggest market.
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New Year highlights a shift in China's workforce

Feb 3, 2011
Today marks the Lunar New Year in China. Millions of workers in China return home for New Year and many employers fear they may not come back.
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Maverick, Goose...and CCTV

Feb 1, 2011
One of my favorite China-related stories the past week has been the revelation that state broadcaster CCTV allegedly used footage from the 1984 ...
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China prepares to take over its first bank inside the U.S.

Jan 24, 2011
The Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, or ICBC is hoping to purchase 80 percent of the U.S. division of the Bank of East Asia. Rob Schmitz reports.
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China tightens law on land seizures

Jan 21, 2011
China's government introduced new laws to protect people whose land is seized by local officials for future development.
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Google shakeup

Jan 21, 2011
This one seemed to have taken everyone by surprise. Eric Schmidt will leave his post as CEO at Google on April 4 and take on a new position of...
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Currency discussions continue during the Chinese's visit

Jan 20, 2011
Jeremy Hobson speaks with Lael Brainard, Undersecretary for International Finance at the Treasury Department about economic discussions during the Chinese delegation's visit to the U.S.
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