Homeless in New York: A Chinese Student's Story of Life After the Agency

Nov 2, 2011
While reporting my story on Chinese college placement agencies, I interviewed a young man named Jason who is attending a university in New York. ...
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How China benefits and suffers from Europe's woes

Nov 1, 2011
Chinese companies that depend on Europe to buy their goods are suffering. But Europe's problems have given other Chinese firms the chance to catch up to the West.
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Nitro targets chemical and defense industry

Nov 1, 2011
Okay, well, here's a new term to worry about: Nitro. That's the name being given to a hacking attempt being widely reported yesterday by Symantec....
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Chinese investment in Europe could help tech companies

Oct 31, 2011
Europe is depending on big help from China in its big bailout fund plan. China depends on Europe to buy its exports, but is that enough incentive to agree to the deal?
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Mixed feelings about China's new river

Oct 26, 2011
A man-made waterway will carry water 1,000 miles from the Yangtze river to Beijing. It'll help with China's urban water shortage problem, but at huge costs to communities and the environment.
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New rules in China

Oct 26, 2011
China is tightening its already-strict censorship policies. Microblogging and instant messaging are the latest forms of communication that the...
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Internet trend report from Mary Meeker

Oct 19, 2011
Influential venture capitalist Mary Meeker has released her annual slideshow of internet trends. This always gets followed closely by the tech...
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Juli Niemann: What slowing growth in China means for us

Oct 18, 2011
Juli Niemann, analyst with Smith, Moore, and Company, explains why even at over 9 percent growth, China -- and thus the rest of the world -- could be in trouble.
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How the Chinese feel about EU, U.S. economic problems

Oct 13, 2011
China correspondent Rob Schmitz discusses why the Chinese believe that the economic crises in the West could harm their economy.
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In China, online dating has a traditional twist

Oct 11, 2011
Online dating sites in China are flourishing, with some sites reviving the use of traditional personal matchmakers.
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