Renminbi, the Chinese currency, will be added to the International Monetary Fund's reserve.

China's currency joins the IMF's elite

Nov 30, 2015
The renminbi will be added to the fund's basket of currencies
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China's central bank on Tuesday devalued its yuan currency by nearly 2 percent against the U.S.  dollar, as authorities seek to push market reforms and bolster the world's second-largest economy.

Retailers keep one eye on China ahead of the holidays

Nov 27, 2015
Some retailers are re-evaluating their relationship with Chinese suppliers
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IMF set to give Chinese currency a stamp of approval

Nov 26, 2015
The renminbi may get a special status the dollar and other currencies have.
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China bets big on border town with Russia, North Korea

Nov 16, 2015
China invests billions into Hunchun, along the Russian and North Korean border.
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Leaders of China, Taiwan to meet: Why it's important

Nov 5, 2015
Leaders of the two countries haven't met since the birth of modern China in 1949.
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In China's coal country, 100,000 lose their jobs

Nov 3, 2015
The mass layoff threatens the social fabric of a region where growth is faltering.
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'You can't report here': doing journalism in China

Nov 3, 2015
The challenges for foreign correspondents in the People's Republic are growing.
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U.S. steel suffers from global competition

Nov 3, 2015
Domestic steel producers are being undercut by cheap imports.
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A mother carries her son on a street in Shanghai.

Will the end of China's one-child rule help the economy?

Oct 29, 2015
A look at what two-child families means for the country.
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China is trying to use some...creative methods to get people to care about the country's 13th five-year plan.

Bizarre, campy song explains China's 13th 5-year plan

Oct 27, 2015
China's propagandists outdo themselves with song dedicated to centralized economy.
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