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How is Basel III going over so far?

Sep 30, 2010
David Brancaccio has been studying new international banking rules as part of a new beat on Marketplace called "Economy 4.0," about tracking efforts to re-engineer the financial system. He talks with Bill Radke about how the new "Basel III" rules work and how experts feel about them.
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Government helps wholesale credit unions

Sep 27, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to the New York Times' Eric Dash about how the federal government is stepping into help wholesale credit unions, which support hundreds of credit unions around the country.
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Banks back in the market for new, expensive talent

Sep 27, 2010
Big banks may be loosening its purse strings a bit -- Citigroup just made a multi-million-dollars-a-year hire. Is this a sign that Wall Streeters can expect pre-recessionary salaries?
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What we should expect from the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

Sep 24, 2010
With the new appointment of Elizabeth Warren to the CFPB, changes in consumer protection are expected to be on their way. Tess speaks to two experts on what issues they think should be handled and how.
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Using shadow markets to increase global power

Sep 23, 2010
Kai Ryssdal talks to author Eric J. Weiner about his new book on the "shadow markets," which countries utilize to gain influence around the globe.
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TARP closing, but another door opens

Sep 20, 2010
This final note, two weeks from now, our long national bailout is officially over. The door will be closing on new investments by the $700 billion...
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'The Memphis misery tour' of foreclosures

Sep 20, 2010
Marketplace's Jeremy Hobson tours one of the poorest neighborhoods in Memphis, Tenn. with an attorney who is bringing a lawsuit against Wells Fargo for predatory lending.
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Bank's 24-hour overdraft grace period

Sep 20, 2010
The $35 cup of coffee -- that's the price you might pay for a latte when the bank charges you an overdraft fee. Eve Troeh reports on one Cleveland bank that says it wants to help customers avoid that extra charge.
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Another bank bites the dust

Sep 17, 2010
This final note today to mark the passing of ISN Bank in Cherry Hill, N. J. The FDIC shut it down this afternoon -- the 119th bank failure of the...
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Frum: Banks are OK, but who cares?

Sep 15, 2010
Banks were saved from the cliff's edge with billions of dollars of TARP money. But commentator David Frum asks, do voters care that things could have been worse without the federal government's bailout?
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