Another bank bites the dust

Sep 17, 2010
This final note today to mark the passing of ISN Bank in Cherry Hill, N. J. The FDIC shut it down this afternoon -- the 119th bank failure of the...
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Frum: Banks are OK, but who cares?

Sep 15, 2010
Banks were saved from the cliff's edge with billions of dollars of TARP money. But commentator David Frum asks, do voters care that things could have been worse without the federal government's bailout?
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Can Basel III prevent another crisis?

Sep 13, 2010
Meeting in Basel, Switzerland, regulators agreed yesterday to force banks to triple their amount of capital reserves -- spare cash they can use in a crisis. Matthew Bishop, U.S. editor of The Economist magazine, talks with Bill Radke about how this will fit in with the American regulatory framework.
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Financial leaders agree to bank reforms

Sep 13, 2010
Central banks and regulators from around the world have agreed to major reforms to help head off any future meltdowns. Banks will be told to triple the amount of spare cash they hold on their books. But could this trigger another "credit crunch?" Stephen Beard reports.
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U.K. regulator fines Goldman $31m

Sep 9, 2010
Goldman Sachs has been fined following fraud allegations -- again. This time, it happened in the U.K. The British financial regulator has slapped a $31 million fine on the investment bank. London bureau chief Stephen Beard talks with Bill Radke about why it's being fined.
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HUD First Look program gives communities first dibs at foreclosed properties

Sep 1, 2010
The new program from the Department of Housing and Urban Development is in an effort to stabilize communities and real estate prices across the nation.
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JPMorgan to close proprietary trading

Sep 1, 2010
JPMorgan Chase is shutting down its proprietary trading desks, the places where it trades on its own behalf. Reporter Jeremy Hobson talks the details with Bill Radke about how this might affect the bank.
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Are savings accounts worth it anymore?

Aug 26, 2010
Money sitting in savings accounts used to grow, but with low interest rates and increasing bank fees, savings accounts are starting to be a less appealing place to park your money.
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Commercial paper market rates at record lows

Aug 16, 2010
Short-term loans for corporations from the commercial paper market are back and corporations are taking out loans, even if they don't necessarily need them. Marketplace's Alisa Roth explains why.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: GM CEO Ed Whitacre stepping down...

Aug 12, 2010
... the company reports $1.3 billion in profits-- IPO to come Car dealers face higher demand with short supply New jobless claims rise again For...
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