Richard DeKaser: Inflation affects food and gasoline prices

Feb 16, 2011
Jeremy Hobson speaks to Richard DeKaser, economist at the Parthenon Group, about today's inflation numbers from the U.S. Labor Department.
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How to manage U.K.'s rising inflation

Feb 16, 2011
The Bank of England will announce its outlook for U.K. growth and inflation today. Amid cost-of-living concerns, the central bank faces a tough decision: Is the economic recovery strong enough to handle an increase in interest rates in order to curb inflation? Christopher Werth has more.
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Why it takes so long for checks to clear

Feb 10, 2011
In an economy where more people are temporary employees or going the freelance route, checks are the way to pay people. But depositing that check doesn't mean instant money in the bank account.
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U.S. Treasury selling stock warrants in TARP recipient Wintrust

Feb 9, 2011
Small Illinois bank Wintrust Financial has already paid back its TARP money.
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MID-DAY UPDATE: You've got mail, Huffington Post, tough times in Tunisia, Reaganomics and 2011

Feb 7, 2011
AOL is buying The Huffington Post for $315 million in a merger it hopes will move the company away from dial-up modems and towards new media and...
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New rules for banker bonuses

Feb 7, 2011
Federal rules would pay top earners over several years, so pay could be held back if deals eventually go bad.
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JPMorgan Chase snared in Madoff lawsuit

Feb 4, 2011
Suit alleges JPMorgan bankers suspected fraud long before Madoff's arrest, raising questions about a bank's duty to sound the alarm on a client.
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Egypt bank closures halt remittances

Feb 2, 2011
The shutdown of banks in Egypt is blocking Egyptians working overseas from sending money home. Remittances are nearly as important to the economy as tourism.
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B of A named most valuable banking brand in the world

Feb 1, 2011
This final note today, from the Marketplace desk of how the heck does this happen? Bank of America has somehow become the most valuable banking...
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Umpqua Bank: Hip, happening and growing

Jan 28, 2011
The regional bank pulls in customers with lattes, community events, and even virtual bowling. It's becoming a pretty big bank by acting small.
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