A bond ladder

Aug 17, 2009
Question: Looking for safe place for investing which pays a higher yield than CD's. As a senior, in these uncertain times, I am a conservative...
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Debit cards safe

Aug 14, 2009
Question: A year ago, I made the decision to use my debit card more and credit cards less. I currently have no debt - good feeling! I recently...
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Automatic bill payment

Aug 13, 2009
Question: I understand that credit card companies take a dim view of certain credit-using behavior when deciding on your interest rate. For...
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Jul 31, 2009
Question: I am a 33 year old unemployed librarian (laid-off from part-time professional position end of March 2009) full-time doctoral student. I...
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Assume a mortgage

Jun 15, 2009
Question: I own a house in Tennessee. An investor offered to buy the house by keeping my mortgage in place in order to save him the cost of getting...
Posted In: banking, Housing

Fico score for free

Jun 4, 2009
Question: My credit union advertises a free service that provides members with their FICO score each month. Will signing up for this service...
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Loan payment fees

Jun 3, 2009
Question: You mentioned on your May 22nd show that credit card companies will no longer be allowed to make people pay for phone and online payments...
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Community bank

Apr 2, 2009
Question: I am trying to decide which lender to use to refinance my home mortgage. The small, neighborhood bank is offering the lowest rate with...
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A bad credit card experience

Mar 13, 2009
Question: I just had an extremely frustrating conversation with my credit card company (Bank of America). I wanted to get your thoughts. Larke,...
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Credit unions

Mar 10, 2009
Question: My sister and I are having differences of opinion in investing our Father's money. He is in Assisted Living, age 93. Right now, the...
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