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Good riddance to bank

Nov 10, 2010
Question: My wife and I recently moved back to the city after several years in farm country. This was primarily a financial decision, she took a...
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On the Air: Horse Sense

Oct 28, 2010
Kathy Johnson is a small business person in New Hampshire I got to meet covering my story about the trend toward putting financial services onlin...
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On the Air: Why a New Jersey cabinetmaker cares about international banking rules

Sep 29, 2010
We are starting off Economy 4.0 with a Marketplace Morning Report story about an effort to reengineer bank rules around the world. There is kind ...
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FDIC insurance coverage

Jul 16, 2010
Question: I am hoping you can help me understand the FDIC coverage for savings account. Currently my wife and I are joint account holders of 1...
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High-yield checking accounts

Jun 14, 2010
Question: I notice at there are a number of high interest checking accounts available on line at FDIC insured banks. They...
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Big bank vs. small bank

May 13, 2010
Question: What are the pros and cons of transferring from a troubled megabank to a small bank? Charles. Winterville, N.C....
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How safe is online banking

May 7, 2010
Question: How do I evaluate the relative safety of any particular online bank? How can I make sure my account would be FDIC insured? Paul, Brooklyn...
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Annual credit card fee of $60

Apr 20, 2010
Question: Last week, I received a notice from a credit card company informing me that they were going to start assessing a $60 annual fee on my...
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Online savings

Jan 15, 2010
Question: Responding to "@78 yrs of age, place to put a mortgage payout beside the coffee can in the garden." [That part was a joke.] I am...
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Banks vs. credit unions

Jan 8, 2010
Question: I was looking into opening a new checking and savings account. I noticed that Credit Unions offer better Interest Rates and Lower fees...
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