President Obama meets with euro officials on crisis

Nov 28, 2011
President Obama is hosting some top European Union officials at the White House this morning, as concerns grow about what the debt crisis in Europe could do to the American economy.
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The Federal Reserve to start stress tests on U.S. banks

Nov 23, 2011
Even after stress tests on European banks were deemed unsuccessful, a new process will now seek to determine how U.S. banks will react in the case of a European financial crisis.
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Transaction "infraction"

Nov 21, 2011
Be careful with your debit card this holiday season. Of course, that holds for the rest of the year. Still, it's all too easy during the hectic holiday season to overdraw your account online and at the mall. You could end up paying steep fees.
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A Simple way to bank

Nov 17, 2011
The new website Simple wants to consolidate all your financial products -- like checking and savings accounts, CDs -- to help you avoid fees and maximize interest rates for savings.
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Go ahead, switch

Nov 3, 2011
Question: Someone on our show once said that closing your account would lower your credit rating. With the Occupy movement asking people to move...
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Shopping for a new bank or credit union

Aug 16, 2011
Question: I live in western NY, where HSBC just announced that most of its branches are closing. Our accounts will be transferred to First Niagara...
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When out-of-network ATM fees just don't matter

Jun 30, 2011
So this might be jealousy talking, but nothing makes paying ATM fees worse than seeing how little those few bucks matter to some people. In East...
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Playing the high interest checking account shuffle

Mar 31, 2011
Question: I have about $7000 that is currently at the end of its 15 month Certificate of Deposit life. It was earning what I thought was a paltry 2...
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Study: More consumers are switching banks

Mar 1, 2011
Switch banks lately?...
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Swiss freeze potential Mubarak assets

Feb 11, 2011
A spokesman from the Swiss foreign ministry confirmed the ministry has frozen assets that may belong to now-former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak...
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