Monsanto profits in tough season

Jun 24, 2009
In recent years, profitability at Monsanto has been driven by its Roundup herbicide, and sales of the once-hot item are decreasing as cheap alternatives enter the market. Adam Allington reports.
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Paris Air Show wowed by crop-duster

Jun 18, 2009
It was a dull and gloomy Paris Air Show, and then came the AT-802 -- a machine-gun totting, bomb-friendly crop-duster. But why would a plane used for farming need James Bond technology? Stephen Beard reports.
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Deep South's farm-worker jobs vanish

Jun 17, 2009
Agriculture workers are used to long hours for low pay, but cutbacks and layoffs are making it even harder to get work where jobs were already tough to find. Jeff Tyler talks to farm workers in Tchula, Miss.
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Chicken owners seek free range in city

May 7, 2009
Chicken enthusiasts are fighting for their right to keep the birds in backyard coops in many big cities where the practice is illegal. Joel Rose explores the issue and visits with urban chicken owners in Philadelphia.
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FDA not improving to curb bad record

Apr 10, 2009
Food safety for produce like spinach, peanuts and pistachios is ensured by the Food and Drug Administration, which doesn't have a system in place for checking offshore foods. Steve Henn reports.
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California farmers cope with drought

Apr 10, 2009
California farmers are struggling with the after-effects of a three-year drought and the lack of abundant water for their crops. But this could help create a more effective, conservative flow. Jennifer Collins reports.
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Keeping large-animal vets on the farm

Apr 7, 2009
Large-animal veterinarians are becoming an increasingly rare breed as many animal doctors choose the lucrative, office-friendly route of treating cats and dogs. Joel Rose explores what one state is doing to breed new vets.
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Venezuela now nationalizing food

Mar 5, 2009
Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez seized control yesterday of a factory owned by U.S. agriculture giant Cargill. The nationalization move was an attempt to control skyrocketing food prices in the country. Dan Grech reports.
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Will 'free the chickens' crusade spread?

Nov 5, 2008
The egg-laying chickens of California will get roomier accommodations under Proposition 2, which passed by a wide margin. Sarah Gardner reports on what could be the start of a national animal rights movement.
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Is the ethanol industry tanking?

Nov 3, 2008
Ethanol's future as alternative fuel isn't looking so bright right now. Goldman Sachs has abandoned analysis of the industry and the largest publicly traded producer has filed for bankruptcy protection. Steve Henn has more.
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