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As a deal to reinstate unemployment insurance works it way through Congress, we delve into the "freeloader argument." What happens when folks lose their benefits -- do they finally start looking and land a job? Next, AT&T is offering companies the opportunity to pay for your smartphone’s data use. The idea is that a company would offer, say, a video for which it pays the data charge, getting you to stream it when ordinarily you’d pass. It gets a view, and AT&T increases the data flowing through its system. And also, Lindsey Vonn, one of the few big names in winter sports, is out of the Winter Olympics with an injury. For NBC/Comcast, which paid a fortune for the rights, a lackluster games could come at a very high cost:  lower ratings for the game themselves, but also a loss of ratings for the Today show.  

Seriously, keep that boiling water in the pot

Tossing boiling water in the air in subzero temperatures will only get you burned.
Posted In: water, polar vortex, bad idea

That one time when U.S. debt was zero

Economic historian John Steele Gordon describes the only time in American history that a president erased the federal debt.
Posted In: debt, history, national debt, Andrew Jackson

Will NBC be hurt by Lindsey Vonn's injury?

Much of the value in the Olympics comes when the winners show up on the Today show the next morning and drive ratings.
Posted In: Olympics, Winter Olympics, Sochi

The 'freeloader argument' and jobless benefits

A deal to reinstate unemployment insurance is working its way through Congress, but would it mean that people on unemployment would just take a few months longer to find a job?
Posted In: Jobs, Unemployment, Congress

Inside the most lucrative insider trading in U.S. history

Jury selection began in the trial of former SAC Capital trader Mathew Martoma.
Posted In: insider trading, sac capital

A 1-800 number for data plans?

AT&T is offering companies the opportunity to pay for your smartphone’s data use.
Posted In: data plans, AT&T

Failing in order to succeed? There's a conference for that

FailCon is an annual event in San Francisco for the Silicon Valley crowd, who've taken to heart the notion that failing teaches us how to get it right the next time.
Posted In: Tech, Silicon Valley, Failcon

On paper, China's trade surpasses U.S. - but let's get real

The Chinese media is reporting the value of China’s global trade has overtaken the United States to become the world’s largest trading economy. It’s another milestone for China. But if you take a good look behind the numbers, the claim begins to fall apart.
Posted In: China, trade

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