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Yesterday Yahoo's CEO announced that employees who work from home for the company must start coming to the office instead -- will other companies follow suit? Home prices are up more than six percent in most places, pushing some to worry about another housing bubble. Peter G. Peterson, who helped pave (and pay) the way for our national obsession with debt, talks about the state of our country. We hear about the big business of bullets in the U.S. In Britain, many people are alarmed by the prospect of a quarter million Romanian and Bulgarian migrants moving there. And a commentator offers his cover letter for the newly available position of pope.

Billions of bullets: Cheap and unregulated

A new article explores the expansive business of ammunition in the United States, and whether a bullet tax would act as effective regulation.
Posted In: guns, bullets

Pete Peterson: The man who focused Washington on the national debt

Pete Peterson is the man who started talking about bringing down the deficit decades ago. But he's not pleased with the current sequestration talks.
Posted In: budget deficit, deficit-cutting, Pete Peterson, debt

Help wanted: New pope, experience not required

Commentator John Ortved offers his bid to be the new pope.
Posted In: humor, Pope Benedict XVI, pope

All jokes aside, a comedian may lead Italy

Italians get close to electing a comedian to run their country.
Posted In: italy, Beppe Grillo, Whats up Europe

Will Yahoo inspire your boss to ban telecommuting?

Maybe, but companies must weigh several factors before reversing the trend toward letting some employees work from home.
Posted In: Yahoo, Melissa Mayer, telecommuting

House prices are up, but not yet bubbling

Sharp price increases in some regions raise concerns about a new housing bubble. But as prices rise, more sellers will appear, steadying the market.
Posted In: Housing, real estate

Migrating to Britain? Please don't

Now that Romanians and Bulgarians will soon enjoy full European Union status and be able to move freely through EU countries, Britain fears a flood of unwelcome immigrants.
Posted In: Immigration, United Kingdom, U.K., romania, bulgaria

Forget taxes, diet soda is real partisan divide

Diet or regular? A new poll shows soda choices are just as divisive as politics.
Posted In: soda, Coke, diet coke, Republicans, Democrats

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