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The photo-sharing service Instagram has changed its privacy policies to allow your photos to be used in advertisements, and users aren't happy. Kai Ryssdal talks to game designers at USC's Interactive Media department about what goes into designing a game and what makes some of them so addictive. Labor unions in Michigan took a blow when the “right to work” law passed last week-- Krissy Clark reports on the history and the future of unions. After President Obama proposed he’ll extend Bush-era tax cuts for households making less than $400,000, we wonder whether $400,000 is the new rich. And reporter Dan Gorenstein visits Newtown, Conn., to see what small businesses are doing to help after the tragedy.

Tax debate revives question of who's rich

Fiscal cliff negotiations on tax rates hinge on an issue that has vexed the tax policy debate for years: What income level defines rich?
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Shooting fallout prompts corporate response

The Newtown shooting has prompted an unusual and swift response from corporate America, from divesting in gun makers to suspending gun sales.
Posted In: guns, gun control, Walmart, Newtown

What gift to get for the person with no interests?

The billions of dollars spent on holiday shopping each year leaves out one big piece of the gift-giving puzzle.
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Businesses create community in Newtown

Pet stores and pizza parlors offer more than goods and services in the wake of the tragedy.
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New Instagram privacy policy frustrates users

Photo-sharing site says it has the right to sell user photos to advertisers.
Posted In: instagram, Facebook, privacy, online privacy

The path to Michigan's right-to-work law

Residents of Flint reflect on Michigan's move from union stronghold to right-to-work state.
Posted In: unions, right-to-work, Michigan, autoworkers

Why do we keep returning to video games? Simple rewards

Students at USC's video game design school say jumping and flying are the fun experiences that keep us coming back to classic games.
Posted In: video games, videogames, USC, mario

Sales of armored kids' backpacks have tripled since Friday

A company in Salt Lake City makes lightweight body armor and armored backpacks with Avengers and Disney logos.
Posted In: Newtown, guns, Michigan

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