Marketplace for Thursday, November 29, 2012

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Fast food workers in New York walked off the job in protest of low wages. A new census study shows that the top job for men is in truck driving and more women are employed as secretaries than any other job. Stacey Vanek-Smith reports on how people are getting around data tracking on the Internet. We get a look at the coolest new cars at the Los Angeles Car Show. Gil Kerlikowske, drug policy advisor for the Obama administration, discusses the future of the war on drugs. And The Onion’s Sam Weiner tells us what the iPad won’t do for you.

The science behind Obama's fundraising emails

"Casual" and "frequent" seem to be the formula for campaign fundraising emails.
Posted In: Barack Obama, 2012 campaign, email, fundraising

Why fast-food workers struggle to unionize

A walk-out by workers at several fast-food chains in New York marks latest effort to organize an industry with high worker turnover.
Posted In: McDonald's, strike, protests, union, fast food, labor

The growing art of data dodging

As paranoia about online tracking grows, so too the number of businesses that help consumers prevent marketers from mining their personal data.
Posted In: web tracking, tracking, Internet, online privacy

The iPad, like my spirit, is completely broken

For one iPad owner, a void that even Apple's magical gadget could not fill.
Posted In: comedy, humor, iPad

President Obama's drug policy adviser on medical marijuana and enforcement

The administration's drug policy after the "war on drugs."
Posted In: drugs, war on drugs

Census breaks down occupations by gender, ethnicity

More women employed in secretarial work than any other job, but they make inroads in other fields.
Posted In: U.S. Census Bureau, census, Jobs

At L.A. Auto Show, a big star is a gas-powered engine

Several new electric and hybrid cars were introduced at the Los Angeles Auto Show, but high prices are expected to keep alternative-fuel vehicles a small part of the market. Ford's shot at efficiency: a three-cylinder Fiesta.
Posted In: hybrid cars, Ford, Ford Fiesta, electric cars

Jeff Zucker named new CNN president

But how might the NYC-based Zucker get to CNN headquarters in Atlanta?
Posted In: Jeff Zucker, cnn

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