Marketplace for September 22, 2011

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Marketplace for September 22, 2011

On the brink of government shutdown -- again

This time Congress is fighting over how to pay for disaster relief. If they can't agree, the lights go out Oct. 1. Businesses worry this might be the new normal.

Stock markets tumble on fears of recession

Global stock markets tumbled a day after the Federal Reserve, justifying its latest moves, cited "significant downside risks" to the U.S. economy.
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The revolving door spins at HP

Again. The largest tech company in the U.S. lines up its fourth CEO in six years.

Palestinian economy ramps up for potential statehood

Mahmoud Abbas will soon ask the United Nations to recognize a State of Palestine. Are Palestinians prepared for a full-fledged government and economy?

IMF: International cooperation is needed to solve economic challenges

The IMF's John Lipsky discusses the different challenges faced by the world's economies, and what needs to be done to fix them.

Letters: The Interceptor's 'toughness,' money from a rogue trade

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: new ICD-10 codes, where the money goes after a rogue trade and the toughness of "the Interceptor."

Home buyers beware

The Federal Reserve is trying to drive down interest rates for things like mortgages. But that doesn't mean consumers will be able to take advantage of those cheap loans.
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A tax on soda

Millions of dollars will be spent on diseases related to obesity. So, how do we confront the public health problem?
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