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It's Halloween, but after a surprise snowstorm and subsequent power outages, some on the East Coast may have to cancel holiday festivities tonight. Kodak is selling off its digital camera patents. MF Global may go bankrupt, while Nabors oil company gives its outgoing CEO a $100 million severance package. Commentator Chris Roberson explained why he thinks the super committee is missing the 'super' part. And Napa has become known for welcoming migrant workers.

Halloween disrupted by East Coast snowstorm

The surprise snowstorm this weekend cut power to a number of towns on the East Coast, pushing many to decide to postpone Halloween festivities out of fear for safety. One Connecticut couple describes the scene in their town.

MF Global files for bankruptcy

The firm's failure shows what happens when a company is small enough to fail. It also stands as a warning about the effects of overexposure to European debt.
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Oil exec gets severance payout -- for staying

As Occupy Wall Street protests bemoan executive pay, Nabors Industries' chairman gives up CEO role and gets $100 million severance-like payment.
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Soda advertising bubbling up

Soda marketers are pushing more soda ads online and on TV with blacks and Hispanics being major targets, according to a report form the Yale University Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity.

Napa wineries pitch in to house workers

Wine growers in Napa, Calif., are clubbing together to provide some of the best farm worker housing in the country -- and finding it makes good business sense.
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A warning about black licorice

This final note today, in which I stand up for what really counts as licorice and what doesn't. It comes by way of an FDA report that adults over...
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What's behind the new measure of poverty?

Economy 4.0's David Brancaccio discusses the Census Bureau's new nuanced measurement of poverty and how it gives us a better understanding of who's poor.
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Gridlock Eraser. Budget Swallower. Debt Silencer.

What if the super committee had actual superpowers, like in a comic book?
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