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The $25 billion mortgage settlement is one step closer to being done, but it's still moving pretty slowly. Disney's "John Carter" is one of the most expensive movies ever made, but it's also on track to be one of the biggest flops in modern movie memory. "Homeless Hotspots" is a new -- and controversial -- experiment happening right now at SXSW in Austin. And actor Don Cheadle and writer Matthew Carnahan discuss their new TV show, "House of Lies," based on the world of business consultants.

The dirty business of consulting in 'House of Lies'

Actor Don Cheadle and writer Matthew Carnahan talk about their new Showtime comedy series, "House of Lies," which follows the lives and business of management consultants.
Posted In: Entertainment, tv, Showtime, House of Lies, Don Cheadle, Matthew Carnahan, management consultants

Mortgage settlement to be closely policed

The $25 billion settlement announced last month finally details all the different types of relief for borrowers. But it sure took a long time.
Posted In: Housing, foreclosure, mortgage, mortgage settlement

France accused of fostering market in hostages

Despite official denials, France is accused of being too ready to pay ransoms for hostages -- and so encouraging kidnappers to abduct its citizens.
Posted In: France, al qaeda, Crime, hostages

Disney digests a movie bomb with 'John Carter'

After a lackluster opening weekend, "John Carter" is on track to be a huge money loser. Disney could be facing a loss of $100 million or more.
Posted In: Entertainment, film, disney, John Carter, flop

For-profit schools try to talk a better game

They're looking into trading their business-y jargon for education speak in hopes of taking the "for-profit" perception out of for-profit colleges and universities.
Posted In: for-profit colleges

'Homeless Hotspots' program sparks debate

A controversial new experiment at South by Southwest puts Wi-Fi units in the hands of the homeless. Accused of condescension and exploitation, "Homeless Hotspots" creators hope the debate will encourage entrepreneurship and visibility.
Posted In: homeless hotspots, South by Southwest, wifi, wireless

How much productivity will be lost during March Madness?

It's a pretty big number, but it also won't matter much in the grand scheme of things.
Posted In: Sports, college sports, NCAA, basketball, March Madness, productivity

Deficit cutting vs. social spending: Finding a balance

Commentator Liz Herman says we need to find a way to both reduce the deficit and spend the right amount on social services.
Posted In: budget deficit, national debt, social services, government spending

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