Marketplace for Monday, February 3, 2014

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Much of the talk about emerging markets has been about the Fed’s decision to cut back its stimulus program. But there’s something else driving emerging markets down: China. Next, Cleveland now goes the way of St. Louis, Pittsburgh and other former airline hubs, as United announces a streamlining of its routes. We take a look at the factors that go into gateway airports losing their influence and their role, and the wider repercussion for the host city. And finally, there has been a spate of public job leaving – most recently a woman who quit  in a Super Bowl ad in front of 100 million people.  Why?  Is this a hopeful sign that the economy is improving?

What it's like to be (well, voice) a Disney Princess

Janet Hsieh on playing the Mandarin-speaking Princess Anna in 'Frozen'
Posted In: disney, Janet Hsieh

Guacamole wins!

Americans spend $1 billion on Super Bowl snacks
Posted In: Super Bowl, guacamole

Do businesses profit from inequality?

The New York Times' Nelson Schwartz says there are short-term gains for individual companies, but long-term consequences for the economy as a whole

Coffee prices are down, but your latte's still expensive. Here's why.

When commodity prices go up, retail prices generally do too. When commodity prices go down, retail prices... seem to stay the same. What's going on?
Posted In: coffee, commodity

Going to prison can be costly for the whole family

Prison costs don't just fall on the taxpayer.
Posted In: prison

A woman quit her job on TV: Good news for the economy?

So was no one at the Department of Labor watching the Superbowl?
Posted In: quitting your job, Economy, workplace culture

United kills another airline hub. What happens next in Cleveland?

Cleveland now goes the way of St. Louis, Pittsburgh and other former airline hubs, as United announces a streamlining of its routes
Posted In: airports, cleveland, United Airlines

As China slows, emerging markets stamp on the brakes

The Fed's actions are affecting emerging markets, but there's something else weighing things down: China.
Posted In: China, emerging markets

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