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There’s no question the recently departed Margaret Thatcher remade the U.K. economy during her tenure, but how much of the Thatcher Revolution remains today? Plus, despite what you may think of Thatcher, hating her made plenty of folks rich. A look at the healthy business of hating Thatcher. Turning to the skies, airlines scored their second-best performance rankings in 23 years last year. How did that happen with all the mergers?

Margaret Thatcher's foes turned anger into big business, and a soundtrack for the '80s

From punk rock to TV satires such as Spitting Image, many of those who set out to pillory Margaret Thatcher for her policies made a nice living doing so. Listen to the soundtrack that hate created.
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Mike Ullman named CEO of JC Penney after Ron Johnson ousted

Mike Ullman has been named CEO of JC Penney after Ron Johnson was ousted.
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Technology takes a toll on toll collectors

In this latest installment of our series on disappearing jobs: the miracle of electronic toll collection comes at a human cost.
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Margaret Thatcher's legacy: Three things that changed for the U.K.

There’s no question Margaret Thatcher wanted to remake the U.K. economy during her tenure, but did she succeed?
Posted In: Margaret Thatcher, U.K., United Kingdom

Do merging airlines actually mean better customer service?

A new report says airlines scored their second best performance rankings in 23 years. Find out how that happened when airline mergers were supposed to make customer service worse.
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U.S. ambassadors tapped for their connections, cash-raising

Forty percent of politically appointed envoys are big campaign donors. And unlike career diplomats, they get posts in desirable destinations, like Europe and the Caribbean. Caroline Kennedy's potential appointment in Japan would have more challenges.
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Taking the sting out of tuition

High-priced private colleges are offering students tuition breaks even when they don't need them.
Posted In: financial aid, college finances, college tuition, private colleges

Bird flu scare in China: Bad news for KFC

As cases of a new strain of bird flu spread across the Shanghai region, fast food chains like KFC are taking a hit to their bottom line.
Posted In: China, flu, KFC, yum brands

Cass Sunstein on making government simpler, not smaller

As head of the White House office that deals with government regulation under President Obama, Cass Sunstein pushed for fewer rules and lower costs. His new book lays out a path for simpler, if not smaller, government going forward.
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Original Mouseketeer Annette Funicello dead at 70

Annette Funicello was America's beach blanket sweetheart, and before that a Disney Mousketeer.
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