Marketplace for Monday, April 13, 2009

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Marketplace for Monday, April 13, 2009

New e-readers get a big push

E-readers allow users to read books digitally, but sales of the hand-held devices have grown slowly. That may be changing as Amazon and Sony, along with some well-funded start-ups, push a new generation of e-readers. Mitchell Hartman reports.
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Broadcasters cash in on political ads

Chances are that when you turn on the TV, you'll end up seeing some sort of political advertising. Kai Ryssdal speaks with Politico's Kenneth Vogel about how broadcasters make a lot of money from these commercials.

Fox, Regal don't see eye to eye on 3-D

Some people think the future of the movie industry is in 3-D films. But a battle is brewing between Fox and theater chain Regal Entertainment Group over who will pick up the tab for 3-D glasses. Jill Barshay reports.
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On the road again with Tess and Amy

Marketplace's Tess Vigeland and Amy Scott are back traveling the country, seeing how people they met six months ago are holding up in this recession. They talk with Kai Ryssdal from Salt Lake City and Charlotte, N.C.

Swiping that plastic can be fantastic

Credit cards have gotten a bad rap, says commentator Meghan Daum, who thinks plastic can actually be pretty great, if needed.

Thai riots spur Asian economy concerns

Asian stock markets have done well the past few weeks, but political instability in Thailand has highlighted big concerns about the region's emerging economies. Caitlan Carroll reports.

How GM bankruptcy would hit investors

As GM considers bankruptcy, the company's stakeholders are worrying about losses on their investments. Some bondholders may see returns on their money, but others could be arguing over pennies. Jeremy Hobson reports.
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How are the banks now doing so well?

Wells Fargo recently announced record first-quarter profits, which sent bank stocks rising. But how is the banking industry's outlook improving while the rest of the economy looks so bad? Bob Moon reports.

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