Marketplace for Friday May 30, 2014

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President Obama announced Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki's resignation earlier today. That solves some of the political fallout, but the problems at the VA remain- doctor staffing is still too low and waiting times are too long. So how do we fix those? Plus, Tech titan Steve Ballmer has won the bidding process to buy the LA Clippers. What will the eventual new owner get ? Among other things, he’ll have the ability to sell lucrative television rights to the team’s games as well as having somewhere to park all his money. 
US Dollars

What a billion dollars buys you this week

There have been a lot of billion dollar deals in the past couple days.
Posted In: billionaires, billion
Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer Opens 2012 Consumer Electronics Show

What’s Ballmer buying? An 'expensive plaything'

Tech titan Steve Ballmer has won the bidding process to buy the LA Clippers.
Posted In: Clippers, Donald Sterling, NBA, Steve Ballmer
Traders react

Weekly wrap: Numbers, nudging

There was a lot to talk about in the economy this week.
Eric Shinseki

The still looming problems at the VA

Limited resources, political pressure, and the future of the VA.
Posted In: veterans, veterans affairs, Shinseki

Google gets a makeover

We'll give you $10 (er, in karma) if you can tell what changed.
Posted In: Google, Internet

One estimate of the cost of new EPA rules: $51 billion

And compared to the U.S. economy, that's kinda small.
Posted In: EPA
Dodge in Service Station

Happy anniversary, federal gas tax!

Marketplace Datebook for the week of June 2, 2014
Columbus Steel

The death of manufacturing is greatly exaggerated

A look at how one Mississippi town is bringing factory jobs back from overseas.
Posted In: Mississippi, manufacturing, factories, employment

A pep talk for the self-employed

Freelance writer Anne Brinser Shelton has some thoughts on the office of one.
Posted In: office behavior, workplace culture

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