Marketplace for Friday, January 21, 2011

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Marketplace for Friday, January 21, 2011

The challenges ahead for Google

The big announcement that Google co-founder Larry Page was taking over as CEO didn't go down so well on Wall Street. Marketplace's Steve Henn talks to Kai Ryssdal about the challenges that lie ahead for the company, and why it needs to compete with Facebook.
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Bank of America's Countrywide hangover

Bank of America's losses show it's still paying the price for Countrywide's bad housing bets. How deep is the bank's mortgage hole?
Posted In: Banks

GE's Immelt leads Obama economic panel on jobs

President Obama shifts his focus to jobs, tapping GE's Jeffrey Immelt to bring practical and symbolic leadership to his economic advisory panel.
Posted In: Jobs

A warning about your online profile

The Upright Citizens Brigade comedy sketch group "Nice Kitchen" warns us about the dangers in posting too much information online via social media.

China tightens law on land seizures

China's government introduced new laws to protect people whose land is seized by local officials for future development.
Posted In: China, Housing

Weekly Wrap: U.S. banks, Chinese trade relations

Kai talks to Megan McArdle of The Atlantic and our very own New York bureau chief Heidi Moore about U.S.-China trade relations, the health of American banks

Germany's strong economy provides lessons for America

Germany is good at making things that foreigners want to buy. But frugality and worker protections are key components of Germany's economic strength.

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