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Federal officials exercised their control over piracy and shut down the file-sharing service Megaupload. The St. Louis Rams consider moving to...London? This coming Monday marks the Chinese New Year; China correspondent Rob Schmitz talks about the hurdles many Chinese will experience in the coming year. And it turns out raising and spending unlimited amounts of cash on behalf of a political candidate is easier than you thought.

China's forecast for the year of the dragon

Growth is slowing, inflation is still high and there's a leadership change in store for China in 2012.
Posted In: China, China's Economy, China's Politics

How to be a super PAC, like Stephen Colbert

One way to understand the growing role of super PACs in campaigns is to imagine being one. The comedian Stephen Colbert leads the way.
Posted In: 2012 election, super PAC, Stephen Colbert

Weekly Wrap: Greece and American banks

A review of the week's biggest business news. This week: News of a debt deal for Greece and what U.S. bank earnings says about the industry in the future.
Posted In: Weekly Wrap, Wall Street, Greece, bank

Letters: Mr. Rogers; Is money the root of all evil?

Going over listeners' responses to past broadcasts. This week: Thoughts on the old adage about the root of all evil, and remembering Mr. Rogers.
Posted In: letters

'London Rams' may entice NFL fans in Europe

The St. Louis Rams will play one "home" game in London the next 3 seasons. The NFL would like to put a team there permanently.
Posted In: NFL, American Football, football

Do musicians and content makers benefit from piracy?

Musician Jonathan Coulton joked about whether content makers were finally making money now that Megaupload was shut down, but it isn't all laughs. He talks about what the MPAA should learn from the Megaupload shutdown.
Posted In: Music, megaupload, piracy

Small talk: Church of Copyism, fake wine, BA's oops

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: A church that believes in the power of file sharing, pinot noir that's not pinot noir, and British Airways causes "undue concern."

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