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Congress passed the payroll tax cut extension. What does this mean for backers of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? The "war on cancer" celebrates its 40th anniversary. Doula training programs are sprouting all over the country. Commentator Kat Ahn talks about what it's like to have her parents move in. If you're looking for frankincense this Christmas, the tree resin may be a little harder to find. And we look into why the NBA has become a Christmas tradition.

Help, my parents are my roommates

We've heard of adult children moving back in with their parents. What happens when your parents move in with you?

Frankincense drying up

Drought, over-harvesting and pests threaten the aromatic resin.
Posted In: frankincense

Mortgage lenders foot bill for payroll cut extension

Mortgage lenders will pay higher fees to Fannie and Freddie to guarantee their loans. That pays for the extension of the payroll tax cut.
Posted In: mortgage, payroll tax

A true holiday tradition: The NBA on Christmas

The NFL has its Thanksgiving tradition, and the NBA has Christmas. Ever wonder why?
Posted In: Sports, NBA, Christmas

The war on cancer -- a healthy metaphor?

President Richard Nixon used the phrase "war on cancer" in signing the National Cancer Act of 1971. Forty years later, scientists say our understanding of cancer has outgrown a military analogy.
Posted In: cancer, Health

The birth of a new career

New programs help low-income women train to become doulas and birthing assistants.
Posted In: doula, birth, Health

Small talk: Burger King, counting pigeons and product placement

The news that didn't quite make the headlines. This week: Burger King loses its crown, pigeons may be able to do math and the shows with the most product placement.

Weekly Wrap: The payroll tax cut deal

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: The details of the payroll tax cut extension just passed by Congress.
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