Marketplace for Friday, December 16, 2011

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It is years into a really bad economy, yet according to Black Friday/Cyber Monday retail sales figures, people are spending more. Is it the lure of everything being on sale -- 30, 40, 50 percent off? What role have smartphones and other gadgets like Square played in helping us part ways with our cash? How are shoppers and retailers navigating through this economy? Kai and the Marketplace crew head down to the Citadel Outlets in Commerce to find out.

Weekly Wrap: The payroll tax cut, and Europe

Reviewing the week's headlines on Wall Street. This week: What's going on in Washington and the debate over the payroll tax cut, and whether Europe is fixed or not.
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The state of high-end retail

The CEO of high-end denim company Joe's Jeans talks about how business is doing, here and overseas.
Posted In: Retail, high-end retail, jeans, fashion

The secret life of discounts

It's sale mania out there. A look behind the method to all the discount madness this holiday season.
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How long can the sales last?

Clearly we've learned 'sale' is the name of the game this year. But how long can the ridiculous discounts possibly last?
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Cashless apps: Shopping without a wallet

New apps are allowing consumers to use their smartphones to shop and not have to carry a dime. We take one out for a road test.
Posted In: Retail, smartphone, mobile apps, cashless

The role of the outlet mall

The Citadel Outlets' owner Steven Craig discusses how his outlet malls are doing in this economy, and how they might fare in the future.
Posted In: Retail, outlet malls

Marketplace Goes Shopping: A Special Report

Kai and crew broadcast live from the Citadel Outlets in sunny Commerce, Calif., to find out how shoppers are spending and how retailers are selling during this most-important holiday shopping season.
Posted In: shopping, Retail, shopping mall

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