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A new report by Goldman Sachs reveals half of the homes bought last year were purchased with cash. What's that say about America's housing recovery? Walmart reported disappointing earnings today. So, what are shoppers buying these days anyway? Small businesses have reported higher optimism about the state of the economy. Two owners tell us why it's the right time to open up for business. Plus, how is the international business community reacting to what's going on in Egypt? And stories on NBC's big bet on soccer, why beer consumption is on the decline, and how new domain names could change the way we use the Internet.

The buzz on Americans drinking less beer

According to a recent Gallup poll, only 36 percent of Americans who drink alcohol say that beer is their beverage of choice.
Posted In: beer, craft beer

Western businesses pull out of Egypt

What happens to business when a country is in chaos?
Posted In: Egypt

NBC bets big on British soccer

This Saturday, NBC will start broadcasting English Premier League games, having paid $250 million for the privilege. But will it catch on with Americans?
Posted In: NBC, soccer, English Premier League, Sports

What's not in your cart at Walmart? Produce, electronics, toys...

The world's largest retailer reported quarterly sales were down and cut its profit forecast for the year. So what are consumers putting in their shopping carts and what are they leaving out?
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Report: Half of all home purchases paid for with cash

Goldman Sachs says that the number of all-cash sales in the housing market has more than doubled over the last seven years. What does that say about the housing recovery?
Posted In: Housing

Behind the names and numbers of the Internet

Fadi Chehade, CEO of ICANN -- the organization in charge of assigning names and numbers to Internet addresses -- talks about changes coming ahead for domain names and websites.
Posted In: ICANN, Internet, domain names, domains

2 dreams, 2 new business owners

A sign of rising confidence? On Wilshire Boulevard in Los Angeles, two new stores open a few months apart.
Posted In: Small Business

Chinese zoo caught for disguising dog as lion

The "African lion" was caught...barking.
Posted In: zoo, China

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