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Hewlett Packard's stock is at a 10 year low this morning after the company announced that it was misled when it acquired the British software firm Autonomy last year. That acquisition forced the company to take an $8.8 billion hit to its bottom line last quarter. But what's Autonomy's side of the story? And with Black Friday and Cyber Monday just around the corner, we're in for the biggest shopping season of the year. But whatever you buy might not look quite as perfect as it does in the catalog or online.

U.S. prosecutors go after SAC hedge fund for insider trading

U.S. prosecutors have filed their biggest-ever case of insider trading. The allegation: SAC Capital Advisors, a hedge fund, got early warning about the failure of an Alzheimer's drug in clinical trials. That info let the fund sell its holdings in the companies behind the drug, and reap $276 million.
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PODCAST: Aftershocks for HP, early rumbles for Thanksgiving shopping

Conflict of interest behind the biggest ever case of insider trading. Find out what early holiday gift Walmart is hoping for this year and why air travel is even less fun than usual right now. Plus, and indulge in the latest Internet fad: spot Mitt Romney.

Is holiday travel worse than ever?

On this busiest travel day of the year, some flyers are finding air travel even less enjoyable than usual. Prices are rising, planes are packed... Just finding a flight in some markets can be tough. But the troubles don't end at the end of Thanksgiving weekend.
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Beginning a critical season for U.S. retail

It's no surprise that this time of year marks the beginning of an important period for the strength of retail in America. But is the outlook full of holiday cheer?
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Last call for Twinkie? Hostess fails to reach agreement with union

Last-ditch talks to save the Hostess company from liquidation have failed. The Twinkie maker will likely begin the (legal) winding down process to shut everything down and sell off remaining brands and assets.
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Questions remain about the future of Greece

A meeting to agree Greece’s next round of bailout money has ended after almost 12 hours with no decision. Athens won't get vital bailout funds without an agreement.
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Former Autonomy head fires back against HP allegations

Yesterday, Hewlett-Packard announced that it was misled when it acquired the British software firm Autonomy last year. That acquisition forced the company to take an $8.8 billion hit to its bottom line last quarter.
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Suspicion of Chinese intentions could hurt aviation investments

U.S. criticism of Chinese investment in key technology sectors such as aviation could cost the U.S. opportunities, say experts.
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Walmart moves to bar Black Friday protests

Walmart files a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board to try and stop anti-Walmart protests from taking place on Black Friday.
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Black Friday spawns novel shopping days

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are Thanksgiving shopping fixtures. But don’t overlook Black Wednesday and Small Business Saturday.
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CGI in ads grows more popular

The Swedish furniture maker Ikea increasingly relies on CGI -- computer-generated imagery -- to "make" the items in its catalog. It's enough to raise the question of whether computer graphics could ever replace people in the fashion photography business.
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