Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 25, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Illinois, Countrywide in lawsuit

The state of Illinois is suing Countrywide for unfair and deceptive business practices, claiming the lender designed mortgage products with Wall Street in mind. Steve Henn reports other accusations against the company.
Posted In: Crime, Housing

A harmful investment for Zimbabwe?

London-based mining giant Anglo American says it's acting out of a sense of responsibility by building a platinum mine in Zimbabwe. But critics say the project will prop up the Mugabe regime. Stephen Beard reports.

What it takes to fly through security

The Registered Traveler Program allows frequent flyers the ability to get through security faster. But some passengers would rather not let the government have an imprint of their iris. John Dimsdale has more.
Posted In: Travel

More protection for smart phones

Software firms are starting to focus on security for smart phones to help prevent loss or theft of important data. Jill Barshay reports we could start seeing cell phone viruses as soon as within six months.
Posted In: Science

Gates steps down from Microsoft

Bill Gates is stepping down as the head of Microsoft to devote more time to his foundation. Janet Babin looks back at his career as an industry leader, the impact he had on the tech world and the company structure he left behind.
Posted In: Charity, Entrepreneurship

SEC checks credit rating agencies

The Securities Exchange Commission is expected to announce a new proposal on credit rating agencies today. Amy Scott reports the SEC will propose reforms to make fund managers do more of their own research.
Posted In: Investing

Stop swinging the outrage pendulum

Big government and big business are often in a power struggle over the market, and Americans swing between outrage at one or the other. But commentator Robert Reich says both are necessary parts of a modern economy.

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