Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, January 9, 2013

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The board of the bailed out insurance giant AIG will meet today to consider whether the company should join a $25 billion shareholder lawsuit against the U.S. government -- against the very same government that saved AIG during the financial crisis. The latest airline fare hike seems to have fizzled. United raised prices last week, and Delta followed suit. But both airlines rescinded the increase after a competitor refused to play along. And are we transitioning from a homeowner's economy to a home-renter's economy?

PODCAST: Smile! You're at Disneyland

What's behind the double-digit health insurance premium increases some folks are seeing around the country? Driverless cars debut at the Consumer Electrics show. And, smile! You're at Disneyland.

Are insurers hiking rates despite health care reform

California's insurance commissioner has called out Anthem Blue Cross of California for an 'excessive' 11 percent premium increase for some customers.
Posted In: health care, health insurance, Affordable Care Act

Reports: Obama to nominate Lew for Treasury Secretary

Multiple news outlets are reporting that President Obama will put forth Jack Lew as his nominee to be the next Secretary of the Treasury in an announcement tomorrow.
Posted In: Barack Obama, treasury secretary, Timothy Geithner

Expectations shift as Fed releases new details

The Federal Reserve has released the minutes from its meeting in mid-December where the Fed's announced a major shift in it's policy.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, quantitative easing, Treasury bill

Alarms raised over treatment of maids, domestic workers

The International Labor Organization, a United Nations agency, raised concerns about the legal protections that domestic workers get.
Posted In: labor, United Nations

Report: Income disparity and fiscal imbalances threaten global economy

In advance of its annual summit in Davos, Switzerland, the World Economic Forum has released its list of the biggest threats to the global economy.
Posted In: Davos, global economy, climate change

U.S. reliance on foreign oil is declining

The U.S. is importing less oil, and that will continue into next year. The Energy Information Administration expects the lowest oil import levels in 25 years.
Posted In: Oil, energy, import export

Self-driving cars debut at CES

Google has one, so does Toyota and Audi. Self-driving cars debut at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
Posted In: Toyota, audi, driverless cars, Auto

From a nation of homeowners to a nation of renters

As 2013 kicks off, one of the biggest changes to the landscape of consumer finance is taking place in the housing market.
Posted In: housing market, rent, mortgage

AIG has to consider lawsuit against U.S.

AIG's board must consider the shareholder lawsuit, because it is charged with acting in the best interests of its shareholders.
Posted In: AIG, bailout, lawsuit

Where did the year's first airfare hike go?

The airlines try, but they can't always make fare increases stick.
Posted In: Airlines, airfares, united, southwest, Delta

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