Marketplace Morning Report for Wednesday, April 10, 2013

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Airbus CEO Fabrice Bregier tells us what it takes to compete with Boeing and why his company is breaking ground in America. Bed Bath & Beyond will release its quarterly earnings report today -- and unlike other big box retailers, analysts are expecting good numbers. And finally, a woman wakes up from a coma and has a surprising request.

PODCAST: Airbus comes to America, Maine lobster looks for a boost

Maine lobster could get a marketing boost. Washington moves towards austerity. CEO of Airbus Fabrice Bregier shares his company's plans for the future and taking on the U.S. market.

Stricter school lunch nutrition standards reduce childhood obesity: Study

School lunch programs with stricter nutrition standards may be helping to reduce obesity in children, especially those who receive free or reduced lunches.
Posted In: Health, Education, food and drink, kids

Obama, House Republicans move toward austerity

David Kelly, chief global strategist at JP Morgan Funds, joins Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson to explain Obama's proposed budget and how it differs from House Republican plans.
Posted In: Federal Reserve, federal budget, Obama

Does President Obama's budget help or hurt soon-to-double student loan interest rates?

In July, interest rates on some federal student loans are set to jump from 3.4 percent to 6.8 percent -- and students are scrambling to stop the change.
Posted In: federal student loans, interest rates, federal budget, higher education

Maine lobster could get a marketing boost

The lobster industry in Maine has proposed higher fees in order to spend big bucks on advertising. Some lobstermen say that’s a waste of money, but others hope it will increase demand.
Posted In: maine, lobster, marketing, Food

Airbus CEO on coming to America, and what it takes to compete with Boeing

CEO of Airbus Fabrice Bregier joins Marketplace Morning Report host Jeremy Hobson to discuss their new assembly plant in Alabama and what's ahead for the company.
Posted In: Airbus, airline industry, Boeing

The funding fight for cyber weapons and personnel

The Pentagon won't say what they are, but the Air Force has now officially designated six cyber technologies as "weapons."
Posted In: military, cybersecurity, cyberwar

The secret behind Bed Bath & Beyond earnings: Finding its niche

A preview of Bed Bath & Beyond's earnings: Housing uptick helps, and online competition lurks.
Posted In: Bed Bath and Beyond, Earnings, housing market, Retail

Food hacking for good: Ways to improve the food system

A food hackathon in San Francisco brought together programmers, designers, and investors to work on ways to improve the food system.
Posted In: Food, sustainability, San Francisco

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