Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 21, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Why the positive forecast for airlines?

The International Air Transport Association says global airlines have rebounded faster than expected from the recession and has raised its profit forecast for this year. Steve Lott from the North America IATA talks with Steve Chiotakis about why there's optimism about the airline industry.
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What can the Federal Reserve do?

The Federal Reserve will meet to discuss monetary policy. David Weiss, chief economist at S&P, talks with Steve Chiotakis about what the Fed will be looking at as they make policy decisions and what its options are.
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NYC fashionistas vs. U.N. delegates

New York's been pretty busy lately. Fashionistas gathered in Manhattan for Fashion Week and now diplomats around the world are in town for the U.N. General Assembly. Which gathering has a bigger economic impact on the city? Jeremy Hobson reports.
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A look at housing starts, apartments

Juli Niemann at Smith, Moore & Co. talks with Bill Radke about the latest housing starts number and what the rise in apartment building tells us.

Bond auction successful for Irish gov't

There's been a crucial test of the health of Ireland's economy. The government's managed to raise $2 billion from investors as it struggles under enormous debts, but there was enormous demand.

U.S. seeks to curb distracted driving

The Transportation Department is hosting a conference on the danger of distracted driving. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Bill Radke about the pressure the government is under to curb distracted driving and what kind of technology fixes may help.
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Nations strive to reach Millennium Goals

World leaders in New York are reviewing the progress of the so-called Millennium Development Goals, a set of concrete goals most countries agreed to at the end of the 90s aimed at improving the quality of life for billions. But the deal was signed before the global financial crisis hit. Gretchen Wilson reports.

The financial burden of dementia grows

The global cost of caring for people with Alzheimer's and other forms of dementia is likely to reach $600 billion this year. And the number of people suffering from dementia will reach 115 million by mid-century. A new report highlights the economic costs of dementia. Europe correspondent Stephen Beard talks the details with Steve Chiotakis.
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China carmaker may buy into GM's IPO

After going bankrupt and getting bailed out by the U.S. government, GM may now sell a stake of its company to China's largest state-owned automaker, SAIC. The company has reportedly expressed an interest in buying GM shares for the company's IPO later this fall. Rob Schmitz reports.
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NYC's underground grilled cheese

An entrepreneur named "Ronnie" in New York City's Lower East Side has found an intriguing way to do business: hungry customers get his number from a friend or a friend's friend, text him for a grilled cheese sandwich, and voila -- melted cheddar on Rye bread 15 minutes later. Brendan Francis Newnam gave it a try.
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Some in Congress want biennial budget

The federal government's budget year ends September 30th. But Congress is nowhere near passage of a new one. Well, when you can't meet a deadline, why not try to push it back? Janet Babin reports.

Airline industry expects larger profit

The airline industry's trade association has changed its profit forecast for the airline industry. It expects a net profit of almost $9 billion. Reporter Alisa Roth talks with Bill Radke about whether this means the airline industry has officially recovered.
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