Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 25, 2008

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Girl Scouts go 'beyond camping'

The Girl Scouts are almost 100 years old, and it shows -- membership in recent years has stagnated. Amy Scott reports the group has hired its first chief marketing officer to show the Scouts aren't stuck in the past.

U.S., Mexico battle over water

Farmers in South Texas are in court on a claim Mexico hogged water during a drought in the 1990's. But in an odd twist, the U.S. State Department is siding with Mexico. Dan Grech reports.
Posted In: Crime, Mexico

Staying at a job to stay healthy

The AFL-CIO released an online survey where almost half of the 26,000 participants said they or a family member stayed in a job just to keep health insurance benefits. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports on a particular case.
Posted In: Health, Jobs

China consultants guide small business

If small businesses decide they want to do business in China, they can hire a range consultants to help them understand the country's complex market and culture. Bill Marcus reports how they help -- and what they cost.

Good news in the housing market, too

Sales of existing homes saw their first increase in six months, some analysts say lower housing prices had something to do with it. Alisa Roth reports how the softening price effect could seep into other markets.
Posted In: Housing

Virgin nervous over Boeing delivery

Virgin is in an $8 million over 15 Boeing Dreamliners, but the plane maker is having development problems that could delay delivery. Stephen Beard reports Virgin is already talking about compensation.
Posted In: Travel

When realtors don't make the sale

Realtor Martha Ann Wishnev normally sells about $7.5 million worth of real estate a year, but she hasn't cut many deals since home sales dropped 22 percent nationwide. Rachel Dornhelm reports in the first of a new housing series.
Posted In: Housing

Keeping up with Blu-Ray upgrades

In order to take advantage of new "live" Blu-Ray DVDs that connect to the Internet, you need access to a Playstation 3. Janet Babin reports why people who purchased a Blu-Ray player might feel a little burned.
Posted In: Entertainment

Bear shares motivate markets

JP Morgan's five-fold increase in its share price offer to Bear Stearns has incited big gains in financial markets in Europe and Asia. Stephen Beard talks to Scott Jagow about why there's a rally in the markets now.
Posted In: Investing, Wall Street

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