Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, March 18, 2014

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The Republican National Committee launches a huge television ad as live television (and live television ads) are less and less popular with viewers. Are political parties missing the boat by still targeting TV, or do they have so much money to spend, it doesn’t matter how closely targeted their ads are? Plus, housing starts are on the up again after a grim winter. What’s prompting the bump? Also, the convention that is a convention all about conventions. And with the proliferation of social media and data-gathering apps, Oakland, California residents are feeling the peer-pressure to save water because of a frowny face utility statement.

Wal-Mart will buy your used video games now

Wal-Mart has entered the booming used game market
Posted In: Walmart, video games

A mixed outlook for the housing market

A recovery in new home construction hit bumps amid winter storms.
Posted In: Housing, NAB

Frowny faces help conserve water

Peer pressure works in getting people to use less water
Posted In: water, conservation

New political spending in changing TV landscape

The Republican National Committee is launching a six-figure ad campaign
Posted In: ads

The meta-convention: a trade show for trade shows

The trade show and convention industry has bounced back from the recession.
Posted In: trade shows, Las Vegas

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