Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday June 24, 2014

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There's a House Judiciary Committee hearing on the AT&T/DirecTV merger tomorrow. Executives from AT&T and DirecTV will argue why their proposed $48.5 billion deal should pass antitrust muster. We report on why they’ll be opposed and what arguments they’ll make. Also, DC’s city council will vote on a budget proposal today that includes a controversial “yoga tax.” In fact, the package of tax reforms would expand sales taxes to health clubs, yoga studios, car washes, and bowling alleys. In other words: more of the service sector, which is an expanding part of our economy. D.C. yogis are up in arms (as much as yogis can be), but others are making the argument that cities should tax more of the service sector, rather than just folks who sell goods, because that’s where our economy is heading. And after, guess what. Not even the Great Recession could create a bump in homelessness, according to a recent report. Some advocates credit a strategy called "housing first," which keeps the hardest-to-serve, chronic homeless off the streets and supports them with services. We investigate.

That's not a beach ball, it's radar equipment

The Fort Walton Beach Holiday Inn is a combo of hotel and military test site.
Posted In: beach balls, military technology, radar

PODCAST: Specialty drugs

Context to the latest housing numbers, climate change as an economics problem, and more on specialty drugs

D.C. starts taxing more services, like yoga studios

Yoga classes, tanning salons and carpet cleaners will all be hit with a new tax.
Posted In: yoga, Taxes, Washington D.C.
Randall Stephenson

AT&T and DirecTV defend proposed mega-merger

AT&T and DirecTV argue for their deal despite worries about industry consolidation.
Posted In: AT&T, directv, merger

Specialty drugs could fuel health care inflation

Why health care spending is projected to accelerate in 2015.
Posted In: health care costs, medicine

Why do marketers want young men so badly?

Men 18 to 34 are marketed to using machismo, sex, body-blows and insults.
Posted In: marketing

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