Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 14, 2014

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European markets took a dive this morning. And our own Wall Street wasn't looking too good yesterday either. A look into the reasons behind why the numbers plummeted. Over a million people lost their unemployment benefits at the end of last year and Congress still can't agree on an extension. If Congress doesn't renew an extension, that number will grow to 5 million by the end of the year.

Federal court rules against FCC net neutrality rules

The ruling could have big implications for the way internet service providers grant access to content online.
Posted In: net neutrality, open internet, fcc

PODCAST: The running tab of no tap water

A Supreme Court case about severance pay, the cost of a water ban, and the Fed's Reverse Repo.

Congress snubs IMF's request for resources

The International Monetary Fund has ended up smack in the middle of the budget debate in Washington.
Posted In: IMF, Congress, budget

Supreme Court to decide: Is severance pay taxed?

A case before the court involves whether the government should be allowed to take payroll taxes from severance pay.
Posted In: Supreme Court, scotus, severance

Stock markets take time to reflect on 2013

Index futures for the U.S. are up this morning, but it's not a rosy picture in Europe.
Posted In: stock markets, index futures, Europe

Going to Plan B when jobless benefits get cut off

For one woman looking for work, unemployment benefits kept certain career options. With Congress not extending benefits, a new plan is in order.
Posted In: unemployment benefits, Jobs, Congress

A Fed explainer: What's Reverse Repo?

The Fed is testing out new tools to fight inflation that may be coming down the road.
Posted In: Fed, Yellen, Reverse Repo, interest rates

Google acquires Nest for $3.2 billion

Google could be moving in. The tech giant bought smart home thermostat maker Nest yesterday for $3.2 billion.
Posted In: Google, Nest, smart home, internet of things

How do you measure the cost of a toxic spill that turns off the tap?

People had to suspend the convenience of running water, and instead relied on bottled water for everything except flushing toilets.
Posted In: Elk River, West Virginia spill

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