Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 13, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Bernanke: Government action needed

Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke spoke at the London School of Economics on the roughly $800 billion recovery plan. He noted that further government action would be needed, and inflation is not a concern. Jeremy Hobson reports.

Grim outlook for Davos forum

The World Economic Forum kicks off in a few weeks in Davos, Switzerland, and an advanced report signals the outlook there will be grim. Stephen Beard reports what some of the main concerns will be.

Small business owners still optimistic

In a survey out by the National Small Business Association, many members expect deteriorating sales and job cuts. Still, there's an undercurrent of tenacious optimism. Marketplace's Mitchell Hartman explores why.
Posted In: Entrepreneurship

Living within your means as a choice

When Commentator Joe Bevilacqua lost his six-figure job, he left the city lifestyle and went to live with his wife in the Catskills. Since then, they have made due with what they've had, and have lived richly.

Alcoa profits plummet on weak demand

Aluminum maker Alcoa has announced a quarterly loss of more than $1 billion, and it plans to cut 13% of its workforce to balance it out. Jeremy Hobson reports why stronger demand could help the company.
Posted In: Wall Street

Keeping tabs on inaugural funding

President-elect Obama's team is doing what they can to monitor fundraising for next week's inauguration. But even though Obama is adamant against lobbyists, there are some big loopholes. Nancy Marshall Genzer reports.

Smart phones are watching you

The technology on a smart phone can show marketers everything you do, from your purchases to transactions made through online banking. But Stacey Vanek-Smith reports why that wealth of information has its limits.
Posted In: Science

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