Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, April 7, 2009

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Marketplace Morning Report for Tuesday, April 7, 2009

IMF global debt figure could double

The IMF expected $2.2 trillion in bad debt from banks back in January for the end of next year. Now, the fund says that figure could double. Stephen Beard reports pressure is on governments to deal with the global debt.

Contractors fight for Defense budget

The debate surrounding the Defense Department's proposed budget change is being fueled by contractors who want to keep their jobs. Marketplace's Steve Henn tells Steve Chiotakis how many people some defense contracts would employ.

Washingtonians sneaky to be squeaky

Residents of Spokane County, Washington are at odds with a county-wide ban on phosphates, which are bad for the environment but tough on grease in household products. Jennifer Collins explores the lengths some will go to get their dishes clean.

It's not easy being Swede

Sweden has been a popular destination for Iraqi refugees, so much so that the government has been squeezing its budget to find ways to fit them into the country. Alisa Roth explores one program integrating new residents into Swedish life.
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Venezuela, China talk tough on U.S.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is in Beijing today discussing China's agreement to put $8 billion into oil exploration in the country. Scott Tong reports Venezuela is diversifying away from the U.S., its chief oil customer.

Keeping large-animal vets on the farm

Large-animal veterinarians are becoming an increasingly rare breed as many animal doctors choose the lucrative, office-friendly route of treating cats and dogs. Joel Rose explores what one state is doing to breed new vets.
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Profit loss feared on Swiss crackdown

The Treasury Department announced it will be working with Switzerland to loosen its bank secrecy standards and divulge info on American accounts. Steve Henn reports some analysts worry a crackdown the tax haven could hurt profits.
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Investors expecting less can get more

A string of bad investing news is expected in the weeks to come. But with many investors factoring in a likely disappointing outcome, the market may rally over better-than-expected results. Jill Barshay reports.
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