Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 1, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, September 1, 2011

S&P keeps AAA rating on subprime home loan securities

Weeks ago, Standard & Poor's downgraded the U.S. from its long-standing AAA credit rating. And now, they are holding up their AAA rating on some high-risk securities that are backed by subprime mortgage loans.
Posted In: Housing

Job market remains 'tepid at best'

Today's jobs numbers show a slight improvement over last month, but the news isn't all good. According to Diane Swonk, the problem is not easily, or quickly, solved.
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International community considers fate of Libya

Libya's frozen assets are slowly being released by other countries in recognition of the interim government. Countries that have supported the rebels have much to gain -- in the form of lucrative oil contracts.

Why is the AT&T-T-Mobile merger different?

Big mergers have been an ongoing trend in American business, especially in the telecom world. So why has the Justice Department singled out AT&T and T-Mobile?
Posted In: Mergers and Acquisitions

Pop-up store trend could be on its way out

When vacant store-fronts became an epidemic across the country in recent years, many retailers opted for temporary, pop-up versions of their stores. Now, that pop-up bubble may have burst.
Posted In: Retail

Libya begins to see its assets released

Bit by bit, frozen assets are being released to Libya as the international community begins to recognize the end of the Gaddafi regime. But why are some still holding back?

Report: Goldman Sachs to stop robo-signing

Big banks have been facing big trouble in recent months when it comes to foreclosing on homes. The culprit? Robo-signing. Now, New York regulators have reached a deal with Goldman Sachs to put an end to the practice, according to the Wall Street Journal.
Posted In: Housing

Where the jobs could be

As President Obama looks to infrastructure projects, there's no shortage of highways, bridges and other transportation systems that need to be built or repaired. It's work that will have to be done sometime.
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Regions' spending taking a toll on Spanish government

During the boom, Spain's regions, much like states in the U.S., went on a spending spree, building "ghost" trains and airports. But unlike the U.S., the central government is on the hook for all of it.

The economics of restarting an old nuclear plant

The Crystal River nuclear plant in Florida had to close down in 2009 when construction there caused cracks in the concrete. It's now looking to reopen, but the costs have been piling up.

Carmakers to report August sales

A volatile stock market and a hurricane are likely to have hurt car sales, but pent-up demand and aging cars have buyers in the showrooms.
Posted In: Auto

Environmental report in China targets Apple, suppliers

A leading environmental group in China has released a report accusing Apple product manufacturers of polluting waterways.
Posted In: apple

U.S. solar industry is hurting

There were hopes that the green energy sector might be one of the stronger parts of the U.S. economy. But now Solyndra, a company the government invested in heavily, has folded.

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