Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, November 7, 2013

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Other than an elite few, not many people are permitted to buy stock in a Chinese company on the Chinese stock market. But that might change soon. This week, the Obama administration kicked off a series of public forums to talk about a proposed new rating system for colleges. The plan is light on details so far, but the broad brush idea is to grade colleges on criteria like value and affordability -- with the hope of forcing colleges to a better job. And, the times are changing for debt collectors. The federal consumer watchdog agency this week put the industry and consumers on alert that, by next year, there will new rules for how we get dunned.

PODCAST: Twitter goes public

If you want to get in on Twitter's IPO today, you probably can't. Can Groupon turn things around? And, an advocacy group says the country need to address racial inequality if we really want the economy to grow.

Beyond GDP: Future growth depends on addressing racial inequity

An advocacy group says the U.S. economy won't thrive unless everyone is included.
Posted In: inequality, race, income inequality, Education

Twitter IPO: Going public isn't really open to the public

If you want to get in on Twitter's IPO today, you probably can't.
Posted In: Twitter, Twitter IPO, IPO

China opens up stock markets to U.S. investors

It's tough for a foreigner to buy a stock in China. But not for much longer.
Posted In: China, China's Economy

The wild west is over for debt collectors

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau will announce new rules for the debt collection industry.
Posted In: debt collection, Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

College ratings from the Oval Office

The Obama administration's tries its hand at a college-ratings plan.
Posted In: colleges, U.S. News, US News & World Report

Justin Bieber: Portrait of a venture capitalist

Belieb it or not, J-Biebs is a dynamite venture capitalist with a solid record of investment.
Posted In: Justin Bieber, venture capitalists, social networks

Can Groupon turn things around?

Critics say the company's business model is in trouble.
Posted In: groupon, living social

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