Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 20, 2010

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, May 20, 2010

Picasso, Matisse art stolen in Paris

Five paintings, worth more than half-a-billion dollars, were stolen from the Paris Museum of Modern Art. Antonia Kimbell, recoveries manager for the Art Loss Register -- the largest private database of lost and stolen art -- talks with Steve Chiotakis about what kind of insurance settlement there could be and whether the theft will hurt or help the museum.
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Safety concerns won't stop coal mining

The head of Massey Energy, the company that runs the mine where 29 people died in an explosion last month, will testify before Congress. Alisa Roth reports you shouldn't expect coal to disappear anytime soon.

Public resistance threatens CO2 burying

Yesterday, Sarah Gardner told us about residents of an Ohio town that organized to block plans for a facility to bury carbon emission underground. Now, the story on how the group that wanted to build the facility hopes to bounce back.

Eurozone faces hard choices

The euro continues to wallow near four-year lows against U.S. dollar. German Chancellor Angela Merkel today says greater cooperation on financial regulation could help give it a boost.

Will oil spill hurt BP-sponsored exhibit?

An aquarium in Long Beach, Calif., will soon open a new sea otter exhibit. Cute, furry animals that kids adore -- what could go wrong? Well, the exhibit's sponsor is BP, the company trying to clean up one of the largest oil spills in U.S. history. Rob Schmitz reports.
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Battle against Asian carp continues

The fight against an invasive fish continues in Illinois. The federal government has given the state $78 million to stop Asian carp from taking over the waters there. Many fear the fish could wipe out the Great Lakes fishing industry if it reaches Lake Michigan. Tony Arnold reports.

Facebook users angry over privacy

Facebook is expected to deliver a mea culpa of sorts as early as today. The social network has made a number of changes to its privacy policy -- allowing it to share users' information. Janet Babin reports it seems a lot of its users are waiting for an explanation.
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Europe's woes may help U.S. recovery

Stocks have been down this week, in part, because of fears of a euro contagion. But economics correspondent Chris Farrell tells Bill Radke that he's not that worried.
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Financial reform still stuck in Congress

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid plans to ask for a new vote today on ending debate over the financial regulatory reform bill. Two Democrat holdouts seeking tougher regulations kept the bill -- which would be the most sweeping overhaul of the financial regulatory system since the aftermath of the Great Depression -- from moving forward.
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