Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 17, 2011

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Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, March 17, 2011

Situation worsens at Fukushima nuclear complex

The world is watching as emergency workers at Japan's Daiichi nuclear complex desperately try to regain control of the reactors.

Banks have repaid 99% of TARP

According to the Treasury Department, six banks have repaid the funds they received from the government bailout of Wall Street, bringing the total bank repayment under the Troubled Asset Relief Program to 99 percent
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Companies face a logistical nightmare in Japan

Stephen Badger, operations director for the international express shipping company TNT, describes assessing the needs of the company's Japanese staff, and whether shipping is moving ahead after the earthquake and tsunami.

How will the disaster in Japan impact the U.S. economy?

David Kelly, chief market strategist with JP Morgan Funds, explains how the disaster in Japan will impact global markets as the U.S. enters a "recovery mode."
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Japanese yen hits record high against U.S. dollar

The yen has hit its highest level against the U.S. dollar since World War Two as Japanese insurance companies sell off foreign investments to cover impending insurance claims.
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March Madness online helps CBS turn profit on tourney

CBS expected to lose $200 million a year on the NCAA basketball tournament. But a deal to extend coverage to cable TV and a move to stream all games online have helped the network turn a profit.
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Japan quake hammers U.S. companies

The ripple effects from the earthquake and tsunami hit a range of U.S. companies, from Aflac to Tiffany, which sell heavily to Japan.
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Why some gas is cheaper than others

A number of different factors play into why some gas stations have cheaper prices than others.
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Japan struggles with massive clean up effort

Nearly one week after Japan was rocked by a disastrous 8.9 magnitude earthquake and tsunami, a large scale clean up effort is underway in the northern part of the country.

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