Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday July 24, 2014

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Women who promote other women, and non-white managers who hire diversity candidates, are subject to worse performance reviews. A new study from the University of Colorado also finds that white men who make the same decisions are rewarded. We look at ways to eliminate this bias against… eliminating bias. Plus, some bond insurers are fighting Detroit’s bankruptcy plan – because they can’t afford the lower bond payments the city will make under the agreement. They not only made a bad bet on Detroit’s debt, they also were hit by other bad investments.  

A fund to invest more in rural infrastructure

The Department of Agriculture is partnering with the private sector to launch a new investment fund.
Posted In: infrastructure, rural America, Agriculture Department

Some bond insurers oppose Detroit's bankruptcy plan

Companies that insured Detroit's debt also made other bad bets.
Posted In: Detroit bankruptcy, Detroit, bad debt, investment

Debating corporate tax inversions

What the government can do to prevent companies from reincorporating overseas.
Posted In: Tax evasion

PODCAST: Breaking the glass ceiling

Changing money market funds, punishment for hiring diversity, and young migrants from Central America.
Shawneeka Woodard fills out a job form at the Diversity Job Fair at a New York City hotel in 2008.

Why it's so difficult to break the glass ceiling

New study shows women and minority leaders are discouraged from hiring diversity.
Posted In: diversity, minority, women in management

Why young children are fleeing Central America

A closer look at the influx of young migrants crossing the border into the U.S.
Posted In: illegal immigration, Immigration

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