Marketplace Morning Report for Thursday, August 22, 2013

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Things may be better in Europe than we thought. New numbers out this morning show business picking up in Europe. Mexico's president is making big moves to end the decades-long monopoly of its state oil company Pemex. And in Detroit, the money problems that led the city to file for bankruptcy are creating a whole different problem: crushing bills.

PODCAST: What can brown take from you?

UPS looks to drop spousal health insurance benefits. Fun with economists in Jackson Hole, Wyo. And can football programs stem the dwindling number of men on college campuses?

Secret court judge reprimands NSA over privacy breaches

It might be cold comfort for those worried about government surveillance, but today we learned a federal judge reprimanded the NSA for breaking its own privacy requirements.
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UPS to drop health care for many employees' spouses, blames Obamacare

It’s a common scenario. You and your spouse have jobs that offer health insurance. You both pick the better one. Well, UPS says they’ve got to cut that perk.
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The link between football and male college students

As the gap between the numbers of female and male college students widens, a football program can increase the numbers of men on campus.

Mexico's Pemex proposal could transform North America into 'energy powerhouse'

Mexico is sitting on 87 billion barrels of untapped oil, yet production has dropped 25 percent in the last decade.
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In Detroit, bankruptcy comes with a cost

As if Detroit doesn’t have enough money problems, now the cash-strapped city faces a huge bill from their bankruptcy lawyers.
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Fun with economists at Jackson Hole, Wyo.

A key summit of economists in Jackson Hole, Wyo., may shed more light on the Fed's plan to taper its stimulus policies.
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MIT Tech Review's new list of top young techies

This year's list is just out. It's full of game makers, health care hackers, engineers and people hoping to build new energy economies.
Posted In: innovation, Tech

Wheel New York: Yelp for wheelchair access

A new app, Wheel New York, helps people map and review wheelchair accessibility around the big city.
Posted In: disability, wheelchair, New York City

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