Marketplace Morning Report for Monday June 09, 2014

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Twilight premiere
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“The Fault in Our Stars” is the latest movie adaptation of a young adult book. With the box-office success of Twilight, Hunger Games, and others, is it time to shelve the notion that males aged 18-34 are what drive big blockbusters? Then, we take a closer look at the NCAA student athlete trial that begins next week. And after, as the job market continues to wade, it indicates that people are still very hesitant to take job risks, including quitting the job they've got, to pursue a new job, or borrow for more education to improve their credentials. But, voluntary quitting is starting to pick up again-and for younger workers especially, that's a hopeful sign. Also, did you know that a town in Pakistan creates 80 percent of the world’s soccer balls? A group of notable economists got together to use it as a laboratory to test how best to introduce innovation. We investigate.  

PODCAST: Exploding student debt

Exploding student debt, movies marketed to teens, and innovation in making soccer balls

President Obama aims to reduce burden of student loans

The president wants more people to be eligible for income-based repayment plans
Posted In: loan student debt, Barack Obama

We don't hate change, but sometimes change hates us

Economists put a small city in a test tube to study innovation and change.
Posted In: football, industrial technology, innovation
Premiere Of Summit Entertainment's 'The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2' - Arrivals

Movies aimed at teenage girls bring box office bank

Is it time to shelve the idea that males aged 18-34 drive big blockbusters?
Posted In: film industry, movie, hollywood

Landmark trial begins in NCAA case

A look at who profits from college basketball, and where that money should go.
Posted In: NCAA, basketball

Hey, 20-somethings: Quit your job!

When people quit jobs to pursue new paths, it's a sign the economy is improving
Posted In: employment, Unemployment, Jobs

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