Marketplace Morning Report for Monday July 07, 2014

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The World Gold Council is meeting to confront suggestions that the cost of gold might be rigged -- Gold buyers could be paying more for gold because of behind-the-scenes tactics. Plus, Marketplace contributor Allan Sloan is on the cover of Fortune Magazine with strong words for American companies that move headquarters overseas for tax breaks. In fact, he calls the tactic "positively Un-American."

Charge your phone, or you can't fly with it

One man's security hassle is another's business opportunity.
Posted In: TSA, airports

Congress could hit dead end with highway funding

The Highway Trust Fund could be slashed in August, unless Congress acts soon.
Posted In: Transportation, highways

Walmart to highlight women-owned businesses

Will a special logo for women-owned businesses combat or perpetuate stereotypes?
Posted In: Walmart, women in management

PODCAST: Walmart and women

Transportation funding runs out of gas, women-owned businesses at Walmart, and a phone app as art.

When is an app art?

New York's Museum of Modern Art is embracing technology as an artistic medium.
Posted In: art, Bjork
Bank of America branch in Chicago

Allan Sloan is angry about the flight of corporations

When Bank of America moved to North Carolina, people said it's business. But is it?
Posted In: tax haven, Bank of America

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