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Immigration reform is expected to be front and center in Washington this week as lawmakers introduce their plans for an overhaul. One idea is to create an expanded guest worker program, but there are big questions about how that should be done. Portugal's economic future is in doubt this morning after the country's high court ruled that many of the government's bailout cuts are unconstitutional. And in California, beach fire pits are sparking a battle between private interests and public land.

PODCAST: The legacy of Margaret Thatcher, a growing salary gap

A look back at Margaret Thatcher's economic legacy. A new report sheds light on the growing gap between private and public university salaries. And happy Q2 earnings season!

A check in on corporate America

Corporate earnings season kicks off today with a report from the aluminum maker Alcoa. Analysts will be watching closely for signs of how the U.S. and global economy is faring.
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Public-private university salary gap widens: Report

Given the dismal outlook of State budgets across the country, public universities will have to find a way to compete for talent with fewer resources than their private counterparts.
Posted In: higher education, salary, Education

Margaret Thatcher's economic legacy

Margaret Thatcher, Britain's first female Prime Minister, died Monday from a stroke at age 87.
Posted In: england, Margaret Thatcher

What is the best age for innovation?

Are you more innovative in your 20s or your 50s? Tom Agan, managing partner at innovation and brand consultancy Rivia, has come up with answer that might surprise you.
Posted In: innovation, inventions, workforce

Portugal court throws austerity cuts for a loop

Portugal's economic future is in doubt this morning after the country's high court ruled that many of the government's bailout cuts are unconstitutional.
Posted In: Portugal, austerity, Europe debt crisis

How the DMCA protects printers' ink and other unintended consequences

As the digital age progresses, is the Digital Millennium Copyright Act moving with it? Harvard Law Professor Jonathan Zittrain explains the law and its upcoming tests.
Posted In: copyright, digital, 3D printing

Why go through the Internet to watch TV on the go?

Instead of streaming movies and shows on your smartphone over Wi-Fi, why not watch them over the same transmitters that send signals to your television? Mobile TV may be the next key development for broadcasters.
Posted In: television, mobile, media

Beach fire pits spark battle between private interests and public land

Southern Californians are known for their laid-back attitude. But a fight over beaches has split folks who own expensive beach front homes and beach-goers who gather around fire pits.
Posted In: california, property rights, Beaches

Will company profits reflect stock market records?

First quarter earnings come out as the stock markets hit all-time highs. But investors could be more interested in what happens the rest of the year.
Posted In: Earnings, investments

Guest workers remain sticking point in immigration debate

With Congress back, the immigration debate is likely to heat up. We take a look at the 'economic constituents' of the guest worker question.
Posted In: Immigration, guest workers

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