Marketplace Morning Report for Monday, April 29, 2013

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Just as France's government is aiming to grow its economy with tax cuts, Greece is looking trim its debts with public sector layoffs. We get to know a company that many may have never heard of, but almost certainly interact with on a daily basis -- AppNexus. And Italy grapples with a shortage of pizza-makers.

PODCAST: Bees get the vote

Long running TV soap operas find new life online. EU leaders vote to protect bees. And the quiet impacts of the sequester.

Signs of weakness in how much we make and how much we spend

U.S. personal income and consumer spending increased by 0.2 percent in March. Julia Coronado, chief economist with the investment bank BNP Paribas, discusses the numbers and what they mean for the economy.
Posted In: consumer spending, income, Taxes

Chat apps overtake traditional SMS texting

Chat apps -- like WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage -- are now more popular than SMS, a service that has been around for decades.
Posted In: text messages, sms, apps, mobile

EU looks to protect bees from pesticides

The vote, which will restrict the use of certain types of pesticides for two years unless decisive new information becomes available, is an effort to protect the dwindling honeybee population.
Posted In: Europe, Environment, Agriculture, bees

Pop-up trucks charge New York City kids to store cellphones during school

Ever since New York City banned electronic devices in public schools, a cottage industry has emerged: Charging kids a dollar a day to hold their phones during class.
Posted In: New York, New York City, Cellphones, Education

Natural gas prices skyrockets, will wells and fracking follow?

Natural gas prices are at a two-year high. Does this mean even more natural gas in our lives?
Posted In: natural gas, fracking, North Dakota, Black Gold Boom

Soap operas get a new lease on life online

'All My Children' and 'One Life to Live' are going online only starting Monday -- as the first offerings of 'The Online Network', an ad-supported outlet for first-run entertainment delivered online.
Posted In: television, soap operas, online, Internet

Sequester funding cuts have researchers worried

As government spending on medical research drops, some would-be scientists are having second thoughts.
Posted In: sequester, sequestration, Science, research and development

Greece keeps cutting while France looks for growth

Two European countries have come out with very different ways to tackle their economic problems.
Posted In: Greece, France, austerity, Europe debt crisis

Meet AppNexus: The online ad platform you already use everyday

While most people haven’t heard of AppNexus, many Internet users almost certainly interact with the company on a daily basis.
Posted In: Tech, ads, Internet

What Foxconn profits can tell us about Apple

Apple and Samsung both reported quarterly earnings last week. Today we hear from the company that makes many of the gadgets they sell -- Taiwanese tech giant Hon Hai, or as we know it, Foxconn.
Posted In: apple, Foxconn, iPhone

Want to run Windows on your laptop? There's a MacBook Pro for that

A new report highlights a particularly awkward bit of news for Microsoft's Windows and the computers that run it: MacBook Pro is the best Windows PC.
Posted In: apple, PCs, Laptop, windows 8

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