Marketplace Morning Report for Friday May 23, 2014

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London Sewers
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Round five of the EU-US talks are coming to an end.  But how have recent world events colored the conversation? And what’s at stake for US products like autos and natural gas? Plus,  back in the UK, we report on the history of the sewers of London and uncover their current plans to build a super sewer system there. Then later, we talk to the BBC’s Andrew Walker about David Cameron’s attempts to bring business from China to the UK and his goal of having London be one of the great capitals of Islamic Finance.

A grand tour of Marketplace(s) in London

A tour of markets in London, brought to you by Marketplace and the BBC.

London's sewers overflow about once a week

The good news is, sewers don't always smell so bad.
Posted In: sanitation, London, sewage

PODCAST: Can London always be a world finance capital?

Can London hang on to its position as the heart of the global economy?

London's complexity through an American eye

Marketplace went to London. Here's what we saw.
Posted In: income, London, UK

Why London wants Chinese and Muslim investment

Can London hang on to its position as the heart of the global economy?

HP to layoff 16,000

That’s on top of tens of thousands of layoffs already announced.
Posted In: Hewlett-Packard
EU-US Trade Talks

The pros and cons of transatlantic free trade

The trade deal could help auto sales but undermine environmental protections.
Posted In: free trade, European Union

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